Nordkapp - Gibraltar non - stop ride

Many of you probably know that there is an international team of 8 cyclist who will cycle from Nordkapp to Gibraltar. They will change on one prototype of the AZUB Highracer and they will test it during the 5900 kms long expedition.

Tailbox in development

A new recumbent doesn't only mean to design a frame, steering, to choose components etc. It also means working on accessories which might be quite special, especially when talking about a fast sporty bike. That is the reason why we are working on windshields and tailboxes now. This is mostly the work of our designer so the evolution of the bike itself is still continueing.

Highracer web updated

We have added some pictures and videos to the section „azub“. In the „poll“ you now can find better sketches one by one. Always just click „next“ in the bottom part of the picture in right square of the page.

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