The company AZUB BIKE is known for its very durable recumbents with the widest adjusting of the frame, stearing and seat. The company was found 8 years ago by Ales Zemanek and is located in Czech Republic in the town of Uhersky Brod near Slovakia borders.

Year by year Azub come with new technical improvements and new technologies . In 2005 the Azub 4 (20/26“) had a new brother Azub MAX (26/26“) both with rear suspension. In 2006 Azub came with a brand new asymetrical rear fork which has a beauttiful design and great function also the first mountain bike Azub HardCore was introduced. In last two years Azub change the a little bit conservative world of recumbents by new technical details, new visions and new presentation of recumbents at all.

HardCore is the first recumbent which is designed to be riden in the terrain. It is a recumbent mountain bike without compromises. The advantages and construction of HardCore were tested during many hard riding in terrain and during very rough expedition through Albania and Kosovo. The HC was sucessful at all. Also the project highracer should follow the non-compromises way and should be an orthodox road recumbent.

Let's visit . Let's visit the great enjoyable world of recumbents how the AZUB team see it!