The world of recumbent bikes is incredibly various and beautiful. All kinds of constructions and technical solutions make both engineers and laymen pleased. A recumbent engineer’s options are tied by no rules of UCI or a different institution. Therefore we can develop bicycles according users’ needs and ideas.

AZUB BIKE is known by its recumbents with higher seat position, which are appointed to congenial trips in environs as well as for commuting or long term journeys. Nevertheless, Azub introduced uncompromising recumbent mountain bike in the year 2006, for rough biking in terrain. And Azub wants to continue with uncompromise-ability by the project with a work name.


During the year 2007 will appear a recumbent for extreme fast transportation on asphalt roads, with emphasis to ergonomics, adjustability, variability in components’ use and, of course, the weight.

Let’s go and watch how Azub engineers will fight with the tricky task.
Let’s go and watch how an idea of a frame, a fork and components will evolve.
Let’s go and watch the development of a prototype, its testing and translating into a real recumbent.

Watch the only recumbent reality show!

You can participate in the development of the highracer as well.