During the high season in the bicycle company it is always very very difficult to do more than the standard and most necessary things. That is also the reason why you haven't found here more information about the Highracer project. AZUB were promoting recumbents all ove the west part of Europe during couple of bussiness trips and also building a working cooperation with our partner Greenspeed took quite a lot of time. It is also part of development. We mean – not developing – because of lack of time :-) The biggest move in developing of the Highracer we did by the expedition which went from Nordkapp to Gibraltar. Eight recumbent cyclists from four countries were changing on one Highracer prototype and they went non – stop from the Nordkapp to Gibraltar. This expedition was a perfect posssibility for testing the prototype and we can proudly announce that it survived without any big problem. More about the bike and expedition you can read in other news on this page.